How to Make Your Own Mustache and Beard Wax – 3 Recipes

Making a natural homemade mustache and beard wax is as simple as mixing 2 simple ingredients. Here’s a step by step process and 3 easy to make recipes.

One of the best styling products for facial hair is mustache and beard wax. If you’re looking for a DYI homemade wax that will shape your mustache or tame your beard, the recipes bellow will help you achieve just that.

But in order to find the recipe that will best suit your needs, you need to understand how much of a hold different ingredients provide. As a general rule of thumb, a soft to medium hold wax mixture is best used for beards, and a high hold is perfect for that handlebar mustache. Also, regardless of the level of hardness, beeswax is the base of every beard and mustache wax.

Mustache and Beard Wax Ingredients

  • Carrier oils and natural butters are used in beard waxes with a soft to medium hold. Carrier oils are derived from plants, seeds and nuts and are a good source of vitamins. One of the most popular oil used in beard waxes is coconut oil, which is also considered one of the best moisturizer. Buttes such as shea butter are mainly used to help with spreading.
  • Petroleum Jelly provides a fairly strong hold and it can be used in waxes for either beards or mustaches. Petroleum Jelly is a modern ingredient and even though it’s easy to work with and provides good hold, it’s synthetic and it may irritate your skin and damage your facial hair.
  • Resins provide the strongest hold and are used if you want a really stiff mustache. The only disadvantage is that resins are really hard to work with. You basically need to melt them in a carrier oil before using them. Therefore, user resins in your recipes only if you really need that super strong hold. Other option would be to buy a commercial wax mustache.
  • Essential oils do not provide any hold and are used for their aromas. Some very popular masculine fragrances include: lavender, cedarwood, tea tree, patchouli lime, rosemary, black pepper, bergamot.

How to Make Mustache & Beard Wax

Regardless of the recipes you use, the procedure is similar:

Step 1. Set up a double broiler by placing a metal bowl on top of a boiling pot.

Step 2. Add beeswax

Step 3. Once the beeswax is melted add your butter

Step 4. Stir occasionally

Step 5. Add essential oils

Step 6. Once everything is melted, pour the wax in tins and let it solidify

3 Easy Recipes

Recipe 1: 2 tbsp beeswax, 2 tbsp coconut oil
Recipe 2: 2 tbsp beeswax 2 tbsp shea butter, 2 tbsp Jojoba oil
Recipe 3: 30 grams beeswax, 1 tbsp Argan oil