How to Use Mustache and Beard Wax

How to properly apply wax on you mustache and beard, how long to keep the wax on and how to remove it.

Beard and mustache wax is usually very hard and you can’t just simply scoop it out of the tin box. You can either scrape the wax using your fingernail or heat it with a blow dryer on low settings.

How To Apply Beard Wax

Step 1. Clean your beard by washing it with a mild soap. If you beard is not clean, the wax will only make it look dirtier.

Step 2. Towel dry or blow dry your beard. You don’t want your beard to be wet or dump when applying wax. Water and wax don’t mix together!

Step 3. Comb your beard. This will untangle the hairs and make it easier to apply the wax.

Step 4. Take some wax out of the container by scraping it with your thumbnail.

Step 5. Place the wax on the palm of your hand and melt it by rubbing it with your index finger (or by rubbing both of you hands) until it becomes clear and buttery.

Step 6. Apply the wax on one side by gently massaging your beard.

Step 7. Do the same for the other side.

Step 8. Style your beard using a comb.

How To Apply Mustache Wax

Step 1. Scrape a small amount of wax with your index finger

Step 2. Work out the wax by rubbing it between your thumb and index finger in a circular motion until it becomes clear and buttery.

Step 3. Apply the wax from the center of your mustache to the sides.

How Much Wax To Use

There’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to the quantity of wax you should use. It depends how long and how dense you bear or mustache is. The style also plays an important role in deciding how much wax to apply. For example, a handlebar mustache will require more wax than a natural looking mustache. You also need to take into consideration how big of a hold your wax will provide.

I recommend starting out with a small amount (one pea size) and keep adding more if needed.

How Long To Keep The Wax On

You can apply a generous amount of wax in the morning and remove it at night. Or keep the wax on for a couple of days by adding smaller quantities daily, as needed. It doesn’t matter how long you leave the wax on, you’ll have to see what works for you. But it is important to remove it regularly in order to avoid build up.

How To Remove the Wax

Wax can be removed by washing with warm water and shampoo or soap. Another option would be to use a Mustache Wax Remover.

Olive oil is also well known for breaking down waxes. Apply some olive oil by gently rubbing your mustache and pull the wax out with a comb. Start from the center and work your way down the sides.